Thyroid Collars

Novatek offer several different styles of Thyroid collars, all designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to use with 0.50mm pbe level of protection.  Our Thyroid collars can be attached to each apron, either permanently with strap or detachable by way of strap with a clip.

Thyroid collars can be supplied in matching fabrics to match aprons as well as with monogrammed embroidery if desired for quick identification purposes and personalisation. Our Soft style Thyroid is comfortable to wear and the most economical. One size fits all with the use of fully adjustable velcro.

No binding makes this style comfortable and flexible against the skin. Our Mandarin style Thyroid has increased coverage offeringmore protection. One size fits all and its Velcro closure makes it fully adjustable. Comfortable to wear while providing Additional sternum protection.

Our “U” style Thyroid collar also offers a large coverage area and is  fully adjustable via velcro. No binding makes this style comfortable and flexible against the skin. Our Buckle Thyroid collar is very popular. Its buckle closure allows for quick and easy wear. We also have disposable covers available that aid in avoiding sweat transfer. Made from a soft tissue fabric and are easy to use. NB: Disposable covers are only available for Soft or “U” shape thyroid collars.