Disposable Eye Shields

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Novatek are pleased to introduce a new range of Disposable Eye Shields, manufactured from a barium sulphate vinyl. Head CT examinations may result in significant and unnecessary x-ray exposure to the lens of the patients eye. The level at which a single dose of radiation begins to have a negative effect on the eye, causing visual impairments such as cataracts, has been estimated by the International Commission on Radiological Protection to be relatively high. However the Commission has recently suggested the lends of the eye may be more sensitive to radiation than previously considered. Since the patient’s eyes are often in the primary x-ray beam during head CT examinations, and the number of patients imaged in this way is increasing especially in the management of stroke, optimisation of doses through the use of shielding is recommended. These are available in cartons of 50 units. Code for ordering: DISP-ES/50