Corning Med-X Glass

Corning is the world leader in Radiation Shielding Glass offering the largest glass sizes available.
Corning Med-X® Glass is supplied as polished plates with dimensions up to 2800 x 1400 mm and is available worldwide with quick delivery times.

Key benefits

  • Shields against X-Rays from equipment operating in the 80 to 300 kV range.
  • High Barium and lead content providing optimum protection with excellent visual clarity.
  • Supplied as polished plates cut to customer requirements up to 2800 x 1400 mm, allowing architects to design viewing windows with a wider field of vision.
  • Also available in sizes cut specifically to customer requirements (with cut edges ground and finished with safety chamfers).
  • Extensive stocks held in all plate sizes and thicknesses at distribution points worldwide, for immediate cutting and despatch.


  • Viewing windows for X-Ray, Angiography Rooms, CT Scans.
  • Screens for medical diagnostics.
  • Protection windows in laboratories.
  • Airport security X-ray screens.
  • Lenses for safety goggles.
Corning Glass
Corning Glass
Corning Glass
Corning Glass

Shielding Characteristics


Data provided by the UK Health Protection Agency: N/A = X-Ray transmission below level of detection


Suitable for laminating using PVB interlayers, and can be fitted into sealed double-glazed units.