Core Materials

We appreciate that individuals have independent needs and for this reason we have refined our range to offer the two very best unique, innovative core materials that will ocver all your specific requirements and standards.

Standards around the World vary in quality, depth, detail and medical soundness and our core materials have passed or exceeded tests from recognised bodies including IEC 61331:2014;  ASTM;

DIN 6857-1 and AS/NZ 4543.1:1999.    Data and test certificates are available upon request from our Technical team.

Our Ecolite is a lead-free, latex-free, extra-lightweight, flexible material combining the attenuating  compounds in a tough, durable, alcohol-resistant, non-vinyl, non-rubber, super-polymer.  The extensive use of tungsten in the material ensures maximum protection for minimum weight and allows use of this material in scattered radiation up to 110 kV+, representing procedures operating up to 120+ kV tube voltage. Made using computer-controlled processes, the weight, thickness and protection are tightly controlled within close tolerances for consistent protection.

Novatek’s Ecolite is recyclable or may be disposed of as non-hazardous waste in standard landfills.

Our Superlight lead composite is a combination of emulsion polymers, plasticisers, finely divided lead metal particles, stabilisers and pigments.  The unique manufacturing process involves a single, or multi-layer construction, that provides a homogenous sheet.  This ensures an even distribution of the specially graded pure lead within the vinyl matrix and therefore a consistent level of protection throughout the sheeting.

Superlight testing has been carried out at 120kv and 150kv.

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