About Novatek International

Novatek International, based out of Queensland Australia has supplied medical, x-ray and safety garments to the Worldwide market for over twenty five years.

Specializing in X-Ray protective garments and accessories, Novatek manufacture Australian made garments of the highest quality and standards and have the leading edge with our ability to custom make to our clients requirements. Our Roland X-Ray radiation garments have TGA Approval, meet Australian Standards and EPA Guidelines for radiation protection and the Roland name is highly recognised and sourced for its superior quality. Novatek is able to offer Lead Shielding Glass in all sizes and protection levels..

Novatek is constantly striving to provide new and innovative products and meet the needs of our customers. We supply products to the medical, dental, veterinary and safety industries. Our products include radiological protective garments, protective clothing, safety garments and accessories. We can supply products that have an anti-bacterial finish as well as safety garments that are Fire Retardant and Anti-Static resistant.

Novatek International is extremely focused on customer satisfaction and has the reputation of not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ demands which has resulted in Novatek becoming a market leader in our industry.